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23rd February 2024

Therapy Tips


Written by: Kazi Afra Adiba


  1. Acknowledge and understand the “why” of the therapy: Engage in self-reflection and outline what you genuinely want or seek out of the treatment. 
  2.  Book or set a convenient session time: Select when you have a good chunk of time in your hands to avoid pre or post-therapy anxiety. For example, an emotional session may require some time alone afterwards to regain composure fully.
  3.  Setting realistic expectations: Time plays a crucial role in healing journeys. The process may seem stagnant or not rewarding, but remember that everything seems to fall apart before it falls back into place perfectly! 


  1. Embracing unexplored emotions: Therapy may bring up emotions or thoughts you have to adapt with. It may take some time to understand it, but it is okay. Remember to take breaks, practice breathing, take some time off, and affirm yourself with positive sayings to keep yourself in check!
  2. Be curious: Engaging with your therapist will help you reach a comfortable state of mind where you will automatically allow yourself to be vulnerable. Getting to know each other (ice-breaking) may help you achieve that. Remember, it is a cooperative process. 
  3. Changing therapist: It is completely okay if it did not work out with the therapist you selected initially. You are always free to choose your own safe haven. 
  4. Be easy on yourself: Remember to avoid beating yourself up over a session or the time frame of your journey. The emotional outbursts, confusion, and nerves are very normal. Allow yourself to feel all of that. 

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