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We are striving to make even in the worst possible situation you find the support to ease the burden on your chest. Mindspace has boarded on the journey of your growth and healing and it doesn’t come with a stop button

You can expect a reliable source of information about Mental Health Disorders, about Helping someone with Mental illness, or about just simply Getting through the Day. Check out ‘Mental Health-O-Pedia’ for more!!

Mental Health-o-pedia

We also have a Psychological Crisis Hotline Service called, ‘Vent’, which is available from 6 pm to 6 am every day. Our professionally trained volunteers from Psychology backgrounds are there to navigate you through your struggles.

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Last but not the least, we have a podcast ‘Moner Golpogulo’ that you can listen to for that one little push of inspiration for getting through the day.

Moner Golpogulo

After all, it’s not the bad days that define your strength. It’s the days where you’re mindful and performing at your full potential. That potential may look like getting out of bed or getting a promotion. It’s the same for us. Your triumph!


If you’re wondering about the minds behind Mindspace, scroll down!

Mehrin Simran

Founder, Mindspace


Naomi Sharif

Co-founder and Chief Operations Officer

Ornee Sharif

Marketing and Executive Officer

Bonoshree Dutta

Chief of Content Writing

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