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23rd February 2024

Activities to boost mental health during winter


Written by: Kazi Afra Adiba

1. Elevating Mental Wellness through outdoor activities 


Given that the daytime is shorter during the winter season, taking walks in late mornings or early afternoons, i.e., when the sun casts its warming rays, would boost mental health (serotonin production) through exposure to sunlight. Walking promotes physical health, so it is a win-win situation! 

  • A fun-filled, robust round of badminton can be enjoyed, which enlightens mood, helps you keep fit, and boosts mental health overall.


2. Restore winter spirits through indoor activities such as yoga or Zumba


  •  A comfy session of relaxing yoga or an energizing round of Zumba or other activities can be enjoyed to have some movement while remaining indoors. Being active is the key here!


3. Seasonal Togetherness: welcoming joyful gatherings packed with laughter and new memories

  • Often, it is the holiday season for many, and it is the best time to cozy up with your loved ones, spend loads of quality time together, make new memories, reminisce about old ones, and have a hearty session of laughter to lift your spirits! 


4. Enjoying winter delicacies and eating fresh: 


  • Besides the chilly mornings and nights, winter also brings us a heap of mouth-watering snacks and assortments to relish over (pithas) a warm cup of tea/coffee. Moreover, incorporating seasonal vegetables and fruits makes our diet nutritious, enriches our health, and boosts overall mental health.


5. Perfect time to indulge in pursuits that bring you pure happiness:


5. Perfect time to indulge in pursuits that bring you pure happiness:


Sometimes, the weather indeed calls for a simple cup of your favorite warm beverage, curling up in the comfort of your blanket and grabbing your book of choice, or enjoying a movie you have stalled for a long time. Do things that bring you the simplest of joys! 


6. Extending warmth to the underprivileged and our furry friends:


  • The underprivileged face the season's brunt of ice-cold mornings and freezing nights the most during the transition. Helping people in need by joining community services, for example, providing warm clothes or blankets, could contribute to society. Adopting or helping stray animals in such cold weather could also be another way to help! 


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