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11th April 2022

The Curious Case of Women with ADHD


Written by: Shaniz Chowdhury 

What is ADHD like in women and girls?

Unlike the typical symptom of ADHD, that is, hyperactivity, women tend to show inattentiveness more. Having inattentiveness as their predominant symptom, they are often seen as lazy or irresponsible. They are advised to pay more attention, focus, and take things seriously to fit into gender stereotypes.

How is it different from the boys?

  • Hyperactivity.

Boys tend to have a more visible form of hyperactivity like breaking things, not being able to sit still, or the need to be in constant motion.

On the other hand, hyperactivity in women may include racing thoughts, speaking before thinking, etc. which are not considered to be as serious or obvious.

How is ADHD seen in women and girls?

  • Women are well-known for masking their symptoms which is very similar to autism in girls, even though ADHD is not under the autism spectrum.Women and girls with ADHD are likely to be talkative, daydream frequently, poor at time management, or cry frequently.


The unimaginable pressure on girls to be organized, social, and perform well in every aspect may make them overcompensate for their “inconvenient behavior” by being a perfectionist or or multitasking.

How is ADHD diagnosed in later years then?
  • The most common symptom raised by women with ADHD is being chronically overwhelmed.For women, the responsibilities of family and work can make it hard to cope or hide ADHD.
ADHD is suspected in the later years of women with their visible and disruptive lack of self-regulation and self-management.
What can we do about it?
➢ Educate and teach.
Women are more likely to fall into depression, anxiety, and self-esteem issues due to a lack of timely diagnosis.
There are many reliable sources available on the internet that translates the symptoms of ADHD in women so that it is easier to ask for a diagnosis. 
ADHD is not a one size fits all stereotype that's easy to spot. One's life can heavily change with a proper diagnosis and the right treatment.
Knowing that the problems you’ve been facing throughout your life are not your fault can be a huge weight lifted.



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